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What is a Real Estate Agent Agreement?

Posted by Admin Kaya on February 20, 2021

Making a Real Estate Agent Agreement

As a real estate agent, it’s important to stay on top of the paperwork so you can spend more time helping your clients. A Real Estate Agent Agreement a must if you’re being hired to help a client buy or sell a house or other real estate. With a Real Estate Agent Agreement in writing, you can make sure everything’s clear and expectations are met before the deal is done.

Use the Real Estate Agent Agreement document if:You will be selling real property for a client and you wish to outline the terms of your working relationship.

You’re hiring a real estate agent to sell your property and you want to outline the terms of the independent contractor relationship.

Whether you’re the buyer, seller, or the real estate agent, getting your business relationship in writing with a Real Estate Agreement is a smart move. It describes how the agent will market, advertise, and sell the property for the highest possible price, and the terms of their fee, which is generally a percentage of the real estate transaction. With this agreement, the agent also has the right to sell the property and be reimbursed for their services. Since the real estate agent will generally be an independent contractor, this document helps you avoid any confusion that the Agent is an employee, which could help you at tax time. Create a Real Estate Agent Agreement today to avoid misunderstandings, outline the terms of your contract, and keep your client happy. 

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